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Black Friday is Approaching: Dog Needs and Gifts ideas

I know I am not alone when I say this, “I LOVE SPOILING MY DOG!”. I remember
when I was in high-school and I would go to Walmart and buy my baby Bella a cute
sweater with a matching collar and leash. That was the highlight of my young life.
Now, I own a boutique for dogs and I can dress my dog anyway I see fit. And I love
every moment of it. Not that I am bragging, but King is the hottest dog model I’ve
ever seen.

King rocking the Grrrci Tank

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When the holidays come, I like to put a stocking on the mantel for King and I stuff it with treats. I enjoy making him feel special. View ways to spend time with your dog here. I know that if you are reading this blog right now, you obviously feel the same way. What do you plan to get your baby for Christmas? I know 2020 has felt like the longest year ever, but soon we will blink and it will all be over! I have mixed. feelings about 2020, but through it all I am alive and so is my best friend.

Pawtique Pet Boutique will have some Black Friday deals that I can’t share yet, but let’s just say they will be great! You can sign up for email notifications here

Here’s a glimpse of some stylish gift ideas for your pup featured by Pawtique Pet Boutique

Dog Baby Collection: Adidog

Looking for a place to shop for your best four legged friendly? Try https://

A little something for the dog lover!

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