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My dog Bella: How I gained and lost my first four-legged love

Everyone should have a dog at least twice in their lifetime. I am pretty sure I have
had an affinity for dogs since I was a kid. I grew up on a farm with my GreatGrandparents, my Grandma, a host of great aunts and great uncles, and my mom.
We had all the animals; I won’t name them but just imagine what animals you
typically see on a farm not including cows… unless they ate them before I saw
them ?… GO VEGAN


Sorry I got off track. Okay so one thing I know for sure we had was cats and dogs. I loved them both, but at the time I loved cats more. (Dog lovers do not get offended, I was child). I was brutally attacked by a cat and decided I’d better steer clear of those wild untamed beasts.
So, dogs became my new obsession. Living on the farm, I had access to plenty of them. When my parents got married and we moved away I didn’t have any animals again until they got divorced and I was in high school.
My mom brought a dog home one day as a surprise for me circa 2010. Her name was Bella! And boy did I love her. She was the first dog I was able to keep in the house. She was small and timid. As soon as she got into the house she ran and hid under the couch.


Spoiled Rotten bandana from the Bella Collection. When she finally came out, I saw her face and I noticed that one of her eyes was missing. I screamed “Mommy what happened to her eye!”. Turns out at her last home she was attacked by a raccoon and the doctors had to do surgery and stitch up the socket her eye once was. Looking for ways to bond with your dog? Read last weeks blog post on a way to bond with your dog here. It made me love her more, because if she could survive something as tragic as that, then I too could do anything. Okay back to my dog Bella… So, I would take Bella everywhere I could. She was so kind and sweet, but she would bark the heck out of you if she had to. It’s funny how we get animals that seem to have some of our personality as well. It’s like an attraction type of thing, I feel. She slept with me, I gave her baths, I dressed her. She was my baby. When I went off to college, I would come home often just to be with her. I wanted to move off campus just so I could bring her with me.

Then one day my mom called and told me that Bella hadn’t been feeling good and she didn’t know how long she would be here. OUCH!! Talk about a gut punch. I was 2 hours away from home and it was snowing but I desperately wanted to go home in the middle of the night just to see her. Maybe my presence would heal her somehow. I didn’t go home, and I must say that was one my biggest mistakes. Early that morning my mom sent that shattering news… Bella was gone. Whew, it was difficult to read and still difficult to talk about. That was six years ago, and I still miss her. I still cry for her. I cry for us. It was like a piece of my heart was taken against my will. Who would ever consent to such a thing? Facebook allows me to have a picture of her as the cover photo so I can always see her. I will always keep her memory alive by naming my business after her.



Diva bandana from the Bella Collection
Yes, I know this blog post is shorter than what I normally have, but I just needed to express myself. I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. What’s your lost
love’s name? I would love to hear how you keep their memory alive or even if you do. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so if you’re looking for the perfect frame that captures what you want to say, try these Until then see you next week, Wednesday at 12pm. Looking for a place to shop for your best four legged friendly? Try

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