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Why Stool Test My Dog: Did Someone Say Worms? ?


I have said it before and I will say it again, 2020 HAS BEEN RUFF! But in the midst of it all, we still have to care fur our loved ones, our four-legged forever snuggle buddy. When COVID-19 first took us all by surprise and businesses were closing, some for good, we never imagined our dogs (or any pet) could be left without proper care or a simple stool test when something doesn’t seem right.

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Me No Speak Dog Poop or Stool Test
According to my earlier post, What Does Your Dog’s Poop Tell You, there is a story told by our dog’s poop. It’s crucial to know what is going into your dog as well as what is coming out! ? Not everyone is skilled with reading dog poop, so we rely on our trusty butt doctor (your dog’s veterinarian not your proctologist} to tell us what is happening.

The world is working toward getting back to the norm, but no one knows if it ever
will or if it even should. Some of us do not feel comfortable going out into public
anymore. Where does that leave King? ( King is my dog as you all may know if you read my other blogs). Thank Dog Heaven for businesses we didn’t know we need, like ClueJay!

What is ClueJay- Do I need it for a stool test?
“ClueJay is an innovative home testing product that gives pet owners easy access to veterinary approved lab tests. Our simple home collect-and-mail testing delivers rapid results to a digital dashboard – helping pet owners keep their animals healthy, save time, avoid stress, stay engaged, and keep current on their pet’s healthcare.

Several tests are routinely recommended by veterinarians to help maintain each
pet’s health and wellness. By putting these tests in your hands, you can now help protect your pet (and in some cases your family) before a problem arises.”

Did someone say something about worms in my butt?

Worms, Microbes, Giardia, OH MY! ?
By now I assume we all know that dogs can get harmful parasites. There are
telltale signs (click this link for “Signs of Worms” PDF from ClueJay) of potential
parasites: bloody stool, loose stools, weight loss, scooting, etc. If your dog shows no signs, it does not necessarily mean she or he is harmful parasite free. A stool test can tell you what you need to know. Here is an online pamphlet with more vital information.

Worms, microbes, and Giardia can live in your pet’s gut unbeknownst to us and
can wreak havoc if left untreated. Some common stool parasites are:

  • ROUNDWORMS (Dogs; Cats) look like “spaghetti” and pass through the mom’s milk to puppies and kittens. Open roundworm quick facts for Dogs; Cats.
  • HOOKWORMS (Dogs; Cats) cause malnutrition and mild to severe blood loss into the intestines.
  • TAPEWORMS (Dogs; Cats) from fleas may be seen as “rice” wiggling under the tail!
  • WHIPWORMS (Dogs; Cats) can cause bloody diarrhea and remain infective for years in soil of yards, parks, or kennels.
  • COCCIDIA (Dogs; Cats) are protozoa that cause diarrhea, especially in young pets.
  • GIARDIA (Dogs; Cats) widespread cause of soft stools and diarrhea.


How Does ClueJay work?
Veterinarians advise testing your dog’s poop (health dogs included) twice a year
and four times yearly for puppies and I agree. “But, Tamara! It’s COVID-19 out
there, I don’t feel safe to go out.” Don’t fret my pet, that’s where ClueJay comes in to save the day. ??? Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear lab coats and conduct stool test analysis.

“Vet tests, without the visit”! ?? I would write about it, but I’d rather you watch a
video from the experts, I’m just the messenger.

Don’t forget to write a reminder to review your dog’s stool results.

I Want to Learn More About ClueJay
Check this out! We are helping to bring ClueJay veterinary approved pet tests
right to your door. Test your dog or cat for common stool parasites like worms
without needing a vet visit or prescription. Stool testing is regularly recommended by veterinarians once or twice yearly and whenever the stools are soft, bloody, etc. Intestinal parasites are a serious cause of illness in pets but also a health concern for people.

Use our code PAWTIQUE at ClueJay.com to get 20% off any test kit! No need to
pay the lab activation fee until you are ready to send in the sample. The results
can be shared with your vet and added to your pet’s medical record. These
professional test kits are simple and convenient. Happy testing!

Grateful ClueJay client!

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