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5 Best Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh if you Have a Dog

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Raising a dog can be ruff. One day you leave for work to pay for all your dog’s
expensive habits and when you return your home smells AWFUL! One night I
decided to turn my air to 76° before bed, worst decision ever. I and the dog slept
miserably. Who needs to save money when you have a dog in the house?

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When I walked into the living room that morning, everything my dog has ever done in this house was rearing its ugly medusa head. It was as if I could taste the pet dander, and urine stains, and the poop stains, oh, and the vomit stains. Need I carry on? The “partially chewed bone” stains, the “I am going to hide my treats over here” stains, the “I am mad at you, so I knocked over your wine” stains.

Seriously, the list was endless. I knew that day that something was going to change, as soon as I turned the air back down to 68°.

The infamous mommy I made a mess please don’t be mad at me.

Throughout the day I was vehemently searching google and Pinterest to find ways to kill the disgusting dog odor. And just so we are clear, household sprays do NOT work. I repeat, household sprays do NOT work. Nothing really worked. I tried putting baking soda on the carpet overnight. I tried distilled vinegar. I even tried airing out the house. It was ruff and disappointing.

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Finally, I got smart and decided it was time to spend some money. I had surpassed the time frame to use the quick, easy, and cheap fixes. I went to my nearest Walmart and purchased a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner. I purchased a Hoover PowerDash Pet carpet cleaner. I didn’t even have to purchase the cleaning solution because a bottle was included in the box. It had 4.2/5 stars, so I was thrilled to use it. That’s how you know when you’re officially an adult, you get excited about appliances and such.

The very reason I had to purchase this carpet cleaning vacuum.. But I am grateful for the reason.

I got home and opened the box and put the vacuum together, it was super easy!

Once everything was assembled, I put the dog outside and went to work. After I
finished, I turned the air off and took the dog for a ride. When we returned, the
house smelt so fresh and so clean, clean (any OutKast fans out there?). I was

There was a lot of trial and error, but after cleaning the carpet I narrowed down the top 5 ways that keep the home smelling fresh when you live with a dog.

  • Wash dog bedding

I recommend washing the dog’s bedding weekly or after you bathe your dog. I
don’t wash my dog’s bedding weekly, but I should. I do clean his bedding after
every trip to the groomers or a DIY spa day with mommy. Washing your dog’s
bedding weekly or after each bath helps to keep areas your dog enjoys lounging
fresh as well as the dog. My dog sleeps in the bedroom so keeping his bedding
fresh keeps my room and living room fresh. Your choice of detergent is totally up
to you but I typically use the same that I use for my clothes. If it makes you feel
better and you decide to wash more regularly, using a natural detergent or even
baby detergent will suffice. Always check with your dog’s veterinarian before
making changes to your best friend’s livelihood.

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  • Clean toys

My dog loves his rope toy and anything else he can grab from his box and slobber on. His toys hold scents, which means the house holds that scent. Wash those toys!! All of them can’t go into the washer but throw in the ones that can. I don’t recommend spraying the toys with Febreze or Lysol. Those chemicals can be harmful to your dog, your children, and yourself.

  • Open the windows

We all need fresh air at times, so does your house. Open the windows on a nice
breezy day and allow it to permeate your halls and rooms. It also helps to do some light cleaning at this time to help fresh smells soar throughout the home.

  • Give dog a bath 1-2 times a month

I’m sure your dog hates to get a bath and you’re likely not too fund giving him one. My dog hates it and gives me the coldest stare. But he always feels better after and he smells so good. I just want to bury my nose in his fur, so I do. This is an inexpensive way to keep your home fresh and your dog fresh.

  • Clean carpet

If you have carpet then you know that it holds smells, and usually not the good
smells. I thought I was going to need to remove the carpet or hire a professional
carpet cleaner. Avoid this if you can because you can do this on your own and save a ton of money.

I have used all the tips previously mentioned, but when they are all paired with
cleaning the carpet, it is like you have gotten a new house. Now I clean the carpet a couple of times a month just to get into the habit of cleaning the carpet and to maintain the fresh and clean scent for my dog’s health as well as mine.
What are some of your favorite ways to keep your house fresh?

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