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I Want to Try Raw Feeding For My Dog: Week 2

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What is up dog lovers? I hope you all have been well and fervently taking care of your four-legged best friend! I know I have. So the last two weeks I have been
talking about how I want to try raw feeding for my dog and how the transitioning is going. Conveniently linked above if you missed week one’s update.

Lovely image captured by Jez Timms

The very first time I heard about raw feeding and even saw it I thought those
people were insane. I thought about rumors I had heard, you know THOSE rumors where they say feeding your dog raw food makes him aggressive. Why would I ever do that to my dog? I wouldn’t! But years later I am thinking like a dog parent and not just an owner. I am always looking for ways to care for my furry love. Mommy it’s cold outside… Can I stay warm in this?

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I began to read about more people raw feeding their dog and the benefits of the
transition and I just knew I had to have that in King’s life. I watched some videos
and read a few books and knew that I DID NOT WANT TO TRY DIY raw feeding
initially, I needed to learn more, but I also did not want to prolong the process of
starting the transition. I have found a company that I am enjoying thus far and
clearly my King is too.

Image captured by Usman Yousaf

Before I tell you about the haven I have found when it comes to easy raw feeding transition, I want to update you on how week 2 has gone. Last weeks was his behavior before the raw transition began. Today King has been transitioning to raw feeding for one week and I see a slight change.

On day one, he would NOT eat raw food. He barely even licked it. He sniffed and walked away. I can imagine he thought himself too royal for uncooked food *rolls eyes*. So of course, I panicked and when into sensitive dog mom mode: “Ohhh no, he hates me. I am the worst mommy ever, he probably feels betrayed and now he will starve because he doesn’t want to live here anymore and he’ll run away as soon as I let him out”. You know the old “Whoa is Me” dog mom sob story. That was not the truth, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
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But no seriously, I did panic, forgetting that is new for him and for me we both
have to adjust together. Some dogs adjust immediately, others take time. I have
the one that takes time lol. Fortunately, the raw feeding haven I found has a
transition guide and tips for newbies like me. Talk about a raw dog food savor (ha! dog pun intended).

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One tip I read was to put some in my hand and let the dog try to eat it from your
hand because dogs are familiar with their human’s scent. He did not eat it, but he licked it more than just in his bowl. It worked, but not enough for him to eat it. I read another tip. I began lightly sautéing the food, light enough to still preserve
nutrients, and then added coconut oil as an incentive on top.

Image captured by Tijana Drndarski

This has worked the best. Each day I have been lightly sautéing less and less. Less sautés, more raw is my new motto, at least for now. Last night, I barely sautéed but still added the coconut oil and I’ll tell you what, he has been TEARING IT UP! I am thrilled!

One positive change you see in your dog’s poop when raw feeding is smaller
stools. The first week his poop was runny for a day and another say he struggled to poop twice, but his gut was adjusting to the new food. Yesterday we went for a walk and his poop was perfect. There were no pellets or runs, just a soft, single log. It was great and I think he is feeling better also.

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He is now on a feeding schedule, twice a day and I am sticking as close to the
same times as best as we can. I currently do not give him snacks in between
meals, that will change as soon as I find treats that will work best for him on this
new feeding style. Thus far I must say I am enjoying the process and I could not
ask for a better dog to do it with.

I would love to hear if you have tried or are trying raw feeding for your dog. Until
then, see you next week! xoxo

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