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I Want to Try Raw Feeding For My Dog: Week 3

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Hey dog moms and dads! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and your dogs got amazing gifts. If you have been following my blog the past few weeks then you are aware that I have been transitioning my dog to a raw diet. Below are recaps of King’s process and progress.


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Week 1:
I observed my dog’s current behaviors and characteristics as well as his reaction to the raw food. The first moment I put it in his bowl he sniffed and walked away. I can’t say I blame him, I too would snort and walk away if you took away my gourmet meals and treated me like an animal by serving me raw meat. It took some coaxing and lightly sautéing along with coconut oil as an incentive to gain his attention.

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Week 2:
Leading into week 2 was easier. I began to sauté less and less and mostly added coconut oil on top to encourage him to at least lick the meat. It was working, but still, I didn’t want to force him. Some days I would put the food in my hand (a scent he recognizes and loves) to help him feel more comfortable. It worked.

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Week 3:
As week 3 began, I am no longer sautéing or using coconut oil. King is eating with no encouragement. He knows when it is time to eat. I feed him twice a day at the same time each day. I am still working on the serving size for him. Currently, I feed him 1-1.25 lbs a day, this consists of fruits and vegetables. I am not sure if he is being satiated or he is just accustomed to eating what and when he wants to. This new way of eating is leaner and I can see him looking leaner. do give him snacks for some days. His snacks consist of celery apples, I am thinking of adding yogurt as a snack to incorporate probiotics.

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Good Changes:
I am excited for his next checkup to see how he has improved in regard to weight. One thing I have noticed is that his movements are quicker. A couple of weeks ago King was suffering from quarantine weight gain and sort of wobbled when he had to get up quickly. Now he moves much quicker and with no struggle. I am excited and proud to see this change in him. His poops are still better than they were before he started eating raw.

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Not So Good Changes:
I have not seen any negative effects, but I have noticed his breath is worse. Better dental health is a benefit of feeding your dog a raw diet, but I am not feeding him bones yet. I wanted to get him acclimated to this change and will introduce raw bones soon. I think he will enjoy them as he loves to chew on things.

As a dog mom, I am proud of King and myself. I was always skeptical about feeding my dog raw, but honestly, I love it and I love the positive changes I am seeing in him. Transitioning your dog to a raw diet is something worth researching to know if it is something that is for your dog and you. I was nervous at first, but with patience and trust, we both are more comfortable with raw feeding.

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