My Dog Hates Getting His Teeth Brushed: Here is Why it is Important

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If you are a pawrent, then you know brushing your dog’s teeth can be the craziest experience ever. You never know how he’s going to act. Brushing my dog’s teeth is like trying to calm a screaming two-year-old I would imagine. I set a calendar event on my phone to remind me to brush his teeth because I want to do everything, I can do to keep him healthy as long as I can, but he hates. It is as if it makes him sad or something.

I go to his special cabinet that has everything King and gather the weapons of
mass destruction (or so he believes it to be ?) and I call him over. He comes
willingly and lovingly until he realizes what this is about. He then sits in front of me and drops his head down. I know you are disappointed that it’s not a treat, but this is for your good. It hurts me more than it hurts you. And it does, I don’t like to disappoint my dog, I always want to make him happy.

As I start my loving attack, I talk to him telling him why I do this. I don’t think it
helps but it makes me feel like a better dogmom. I say “Baby I am so sorry, I know you hate it, but I love you, baby. If I didn’t, I would take care of you the way I do.”

This is obviously in vain and he thinks I am scum because he looks dejected the
ENTIRE time. When the gently brutal attack is finished, he runs away. I make an
effort to give him a treat as a measure of positive reinforcement. It has been a couple of weeks since I have started the treat system, so I am not sure how it is
working, he still hates the teeth cleaning but loves the treats ??♀

There are other methods of cleaning your dog’s teeth, but I prefer the dog brushing or using a chew toy that can help remove plaque and tartar. There is also another alternative, teeth cleaning at the vet. It is a surgical procedure that
requires the vet to sedate your dog and I am too apprehensive for anything like
that, but here is the link to a video of a veterinarian’s office doing a phenomenal
job explaining the process.

Though King hates for me to brush his teeth, I love to do it, and here are some
reasons why:

Here are 6 reasons your dog’s mouth care is super important!
1. A pet with healthy teeth equals a pet with better breath!

2. Dental disease can actually lead to problems with your pet’s organs, such as the heart.

3. Caring for your pet’s teeth can prevent other health problems, saving you tons
of money over the long term!

4. Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 years have some sort of
periodontal disease? It can be caused by the buildup of plaque, so it’s important to go in for regular dental checkups and cleanings.

5. Pets that don’t get dental care can painfully lose their teeth – this can be terribly painful.

6. Your dog is very good at hiding pain – you might never know that your dog has a serious dental problem until it’s very advanced. This is yet another reason it’s important to take your pet in for regular dental checkups. If you are looking for some tools to use for your dog’s mouth health, I recommend doing to your local pet store and researching products that you feel comfortable using on your dog. There is always the option to make your own. Soon I will sharemy recipe with you.

If you have any tips on how to successfully brush your dog’s teeth or get them to
at least enjoy it, PLEASE let me know because King is breaking my heart.

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