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Ultimate Check List For Thanksgiving with a Dog in 2020

Disclaimer: Please note that this post may contain affiliate link. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. I feel like we all have been talking about how 2020 has been the longest year ever and BAM, November is almost over. Hopefully, this pandemic won’t take away our gratitude and the love that we have for our dogs and other humans.

Thanksgiving 2020 is tomorrow and there is still some time to prepare for Thanksgiving with a dog if you haven’t already. So let’s jump right into it. the
Ultimate Check List for this Thanksgiving.

Number 1: Wear a Mask
Though the people you are visiting with may be your family or they may be your
friends, we are still in the midst of a plague (yes, I meant plague). We don’t
understand what is happening and it is clear people are still dying. If you feel
compelled to not stay at home and visit those you love, PLEASE be safe and

Number 2: Social Distance
I know you likely can not and will not maintain the recommended 6 feet apart
during this time, but if you can have some space, PLEASE try to practice safe
distancing if you can. Yes, we miss our loved ones, but we want to keep them as
safe as possible.

Number 3: Aunt Suzy, don’t feed him that!
Okay, so we all know those people who don’t own a dog or don’t understand your values as a pawrent try to feed your dog under the table. The worst! For the safety of our pets, we have to establish some ground rules and respectively (maybe) demand that our dogs are not fed ANYTHING without our consent. The safety and wellbeing of our fur family depend on it. Wondering what you should not feed your dog? Check out my previous blog What’s In Your Dog’s Bowl.

Slow Feeder Bowl to help slow down your dog’s eating found at Pawtique

Number 4: Is Your Dog Calm around Groups?
Sometimes I think we get so caught up in people oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over our cute doggy that we don’t always think if they are comfortable. Dogs can
experience fear or anxiety in social situations, it is best to know the signs and ways to help your pooch cope with anxiety. For more information, there is a wonderful blog written Krista Mifflin for The Spruce Pets.

Help your dog feel safe without holding her the whole time with this Dog Sling at

Number 5: Give Thanks!
I know you might feel you have nothing to be thankful for, but if you are reading
this blog right now, you have everything to be thankful for. Tell your family you love and appreciate them. It may not be wise to hug and kiss them during these times, but your dog will take the hugs and kisses!

Keeping a journal of things you are grateful for is a good thing to work on during
this holiday season. It is a healthy mental exercise that you can do with your family and friends. One thing I do is say three things I am grateful for today and I ask my family and friends to share also.

Three things I am grateful for:

  • My health
  • Awareness
  • Love I am able to give and receive

BONUS**** KING, all day every day!
Let me know three things you are grateful for in the comments

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